Carlessness, Homelessness, and a Sea of Golden Butterflies

I sold my car last week. T’was already the second time I said goodbye to a vehicle this year; unlike the first, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to sign over this title. The reasons for selling were many — impatience, finances, the government — and, ultimately, I went with my gut. My gut said a new story needed to be written, and so the page shall now turn. Goodbye, Des. Thanks for getting me from point A to point […]

On the “Girl Meets World” Premiere

I never got into Boy Meets World growing up. I did catch a few episodes here and there. I know all about “Fee-hee-hee-nay” and how Cory Matthews started out as a fellow Phillies fan and then just didn’t care about my Phils anymore. But Boy Meets World was more my younger sister’s show than mine. More her world than my own. I was nonetheless intrigued alongside millions when a Boy Meets World spin-off emerged. Also created by Michael Jacobs, Girl Meets World would follow the coming-of-age exploits of Cory and […]

Las Vegas Bums Me Out

Two years ago, I first ventured to Las Vegas. I’m not big into gambling or … everything else Vegas is notoriously known for, but I was stoked nonetheless to add another notch to my traveling belt. I mean, it’s Vegas. A magical city where you can walk the streets of Paris, New York, and Venice within a single hour. Incredible shows and shops and food. Sure, Vegas has its moments. It has an allure, for sure. But what I mostly found in my […]

On the Fullerton Homeless Man Killed by Police

I don’t usually comment on current events. It’s tedious and tiresome and often prone to conflicting opinions. But one particular current event has captured my attention and the attention of an entire nation, and I feel the need to say something. In 2011, a homeless man named Kelly Thomas was brutally beaten by police despite bearing no weapons and committing no crime. Five days later, Thomas died from his injuries. Over two years later, just a couple days ago, the now-former […]

Homeless Hope in an Alleyway

“Hey, were you guys just praying?” I turn from my four church friends to a man – a young man – with blonde hair. He’s a couple years younger than me — a veritable kid with studded earrings. He dons a red sweatshirt emblazoned with the acronym of a local university. “Yes,” we confirm to him. We were praying. Praying over one of our own in a downtown alleyway just outside the restaurant where we’d spent the last two hours. […]

Tuesdays Are the Worst

Today is Tuesday — actually, it’s 12:27am as I type this initial draft of a post. So while it is now officially Wednesday here in southern California, it’s still Tuesday night in Hawaii. Wednesday evening in Korea. I don’t get time. I don’t know whether I should have capitalized the “Are” in the title of this post. Should it read “Tuesdays are the Worst” instead? That looks wrong. Too many non-capitalized valley-words stretched feebly between two mountain peak-words. Like a mutant camel in […]

“Enjoy Your Mitsubishi.”

I used to hate the homeless. That sounds harsh, but it’s true. I’d see one and equate him to a stain on the carpet or a zit on the forehead. What’s their problem? Why are they so lazy? Why don’t they do something with their life? Why don’t they get a job? Why don’t they pay for their own food like me? Why don’t they just leave everyone alone? Leave me alone? As a lifelong introvert, it was quite convenient […]

Eastward Ho: 30 Minutes in Chicago

I recently drove across the country to reach my summer camp location on the east coast. What follows is one of several real-life wandering stories from my incredible “Eastward Ho” adventure. I’d thought about just passing by. It was already dark and getting kinda late. I had 500 miles to travel the next day and any extra miles I could tack onto tonight would make my tomorrow all the easier. But this was Chicago. I couldn’t just zip into Indiana […]