The Top-11 Things I Hope Not to Say to Donald Miller

This a post inspired by Rob Shepherd’s “Things I Hope To Not Say To @JonAcuff.” Mine is different because it is, obviously, about Donald Miller and not that other famous Christian blogger/author/cool guy. Whereas Mr. Shepherd recently united under the same roof as Mr. Acuff at this year’s Catalyst conference, I’m soon-to-be uniting under the same structure as Mr. Miller at Storyline. Additionally, my post’s title includes a “top-11” countdown element that Mr. Shepherd’s post lacks (I have a thing for […]

(Non) Wandering Wednesday

I KNOW, I KNOW, I need to recap my return to the Exodus Conference from this past weekend. It’s coming, I promise. The conference was amazing, and I’m still unpacking so much from the experience. You can check back Monday for the first in a series of Exodus blog posts. In the meantime, I wanted to thank EVERYONE who read/responded to my last blog post, “Quarter-Life Confessions of a Gay Christian.” In just a week, it’s become my second most […]

Misplaced at Walmart: Owl in the Candy Aisle

While this blog has gradually grown more serious over the last few months, I don’t like to be so serious all the time. I have a little Joker in me, after all. And one of my favorite outlets for inspiration, humorous or otherwise, is Walmart. Dearest, dearest Walmart. One of my most popular posts of all-time is this innocent little recap of a misplaced item at Walmart. I snapped a picture of it because it was just so visually delicious: […]

“Struggle Central” – The Bloopers

You’ve asked for it. You’ve craved it. You’ve lain in bed restlessly yearning for it. And now YOU GET IT. It’s April Fool’s Day, and instead of saying I spent last night in the hospital (that “joke” didn’t go over so well a few years ago…), I figured now would be the perfect time to release a delightful little compilation: a blooper reel from my Struggle Central book trailer. It was incredibly awkward filming that book trailer by myself in […]

The Teddy Bear Conundrum

I’m grateful for my current living situation. It’s vastly different from my living situations with guys my own age these last two years, but the rent is affordable, the privacy is greatly welcomed and needed, and there’s this fantastic teddy bear painting in the bathroom. Which presents me the perfect opportunity for my first Pondering Wednesday in months. I can never not stare at this painting whenever I enter the bathroom. Basically every morning and ever night, I’ll be brushing […]

Misplaced at Walmart: Sandwich with Books

It’s no secret Walmart has long been the bedrock of my blogging inspiration. Whether for silly or serious reasons, this store never fails to provide me blogging material when I need it most. One of my favorite things about going to Walmart (other than the colorful characters) is discovering misplaced items. We’ve all done it at one point or another: picked up that Scooby Doo toothbrush and only upon walking the cereal aisle, realized you have seven unused toothbrushes at home. […]

Why God Laughs on Leap Day

I have a riddle for you: what’s something that only happens every four years and adds a whole extra day to your life? No, not 20 combined Republican presidential debates. I get that the earth doesn’t take exactly 365 days to completely orbit the sun. I get that it actually takes something like 365.242934808 days. So if we add an extra day into our calendar every four years (.25 days), doesn’t that mean we’re gonna be severely overshooting the mark […]

When Life Sends You Ducks in a Swimming Pool…

Sometimes I write massive reflections on life that most people probably skim before moving on to the next hilarious YouTube video since, blah, who wants to read massive reflections on life? Well don’t worry friends, strangers, and enemies; today, it’s a simple post. One of those rare moments I can’t do justice to by simply stringing some words together. I woke up like I do on any other Sunday morning. I emptied my bladder, I brushed my teeth, I refused […]