On This Good and Not-So-Good Friday

27 years ago, I was born on Good Friday. I spent that Easter Sunday of 1987 in a blessed hospital, though the specifics are a bit fuzzy. I haven’t celebrated a “true” Good Friday birthday since I was 5 years old, and I won’t celebrate another Good Friday birthday until I turn 84. This year, my mid-April birthday fell closer to Good Friday than it has in the last decade of Good Fridays. Over the last 24 hours, removed from the ritualistic confines of “church” for […]

Cursing Christians: Finding the Line

I am not a vile person. I’m a sensitive guy. One of those guys who has restrained his burps for 25 years because I know it’s gross when someone next to you burps like a blow-horn. I basically just don’t burp. Like, ever. Not even when I’m alone. Call it a gift. Or a really weird hidden talent. Talk to anyone who knows me intimately, and you’ll find I’m not one for cursing either. Well, mostly. Cursing On My Blog […]

Lost and Found: From Coins to Cars

My Mitsy is mine again. After five long vehicle-less days and four lost interviews, she’s been repaired and returned to me. What was broken has been fixed, and what was lost is once more found. Now in the aftermath of this whole fiasco, I’m reminded of a story. A Lost Coin In Luke 15, Jesus fires off three successive parables about three lost items: a sheep, a coin, and a son. The first and last of these stories make enough […]

Jesus Hit Me

I’M AT CAMP. And finally, I’ve got a chance to report what’s been going on these last couple weeks. Excited to share my experience with y’all this summer! During camp training, it was engrained within all the counselors that we, under no circumstances, were to ever hit a child. They said nothing about Jesus hitting us though. “Staff Week” at camp was the most difficult thing I’ve undertaken in 25 years. This “week” of training was actually 12 days in […]

Easter is Nonsense

Easter is the epitome of the illogical turn of events. People don’t just roll away massive unmovable boulders. People don’t escape from inescapable tombs. People don’t cheat death. And yet one person did. A person unlike any other. A person who claimed to be 100% man, yet 100% God — math that makes no sense. Today makes no sense. In an “enlightened,” science-driven world, we need an explanation for everything. We need to prove exactly how many millions of years […]

My Valentine is Forever

I dislike Valentine’s Day. I almost used “hate” there, but eh, Valentine’s Day isn’t worth my hate. The Yankees, on the other hand… Maybe Valentine’s Day would give me the heart-throbs and the dizzies if I was ever romantically involved with another on this sorta made-up holiday. Maybe someday I’ll devolve into that pathetic state. Last week at my life group, a woman graciously shared how she first came to know the Lord — on Valentine’s Day, of all days. […]

On Religion vs. Relationship

By now it’s an almost certainty that you’ve seen this controversial “religion vs. relationship” video. But on the off-chance that you’ve been fasting from the Internet (then how are you reading this?) or have stubbornly refused to update to the newest version of Flash these last 7 years, here it is for your viewing pleasure. (Uh, you’d have to update to the newest version of Flash…) It’s a polarizing video, whether you’re one of the 165,623 people who like it […]

Midnight Jesus: Two

Click here for “Midnight Jesus: One.” I’ll need a jacket this time. My feet turn back from the clawing chills of the night as I snag a coat from its hanger and shuffle my arms through the sleeves. I shut the front door behind me, embracing the brisk air bridging my home and the street. I stumble into my car and turn the key with trembling fingers, firing up the heat to full blast. The warm wind crashes over me, […]