The Weekend WOW: Wheel of Fortune Redemption Edition

Throughout any given week, I strive to share infuriating redemptive resonating inspiring acoustic things on my Twitter and Facebook. At the end of the week, I condense the very best of Internetdom into a WOW-tastic blog post I call “The Weekend WOW.” And what a wonderful WOW-tastic week on the World Wide Web it was. + WOW what an infuriating TV moment: C’mon,  Pat Sajak. I mean, C’MON. + WOW what a redemptive TV moment: But where Pat Sajak fails, Jimmy Fallon […]

Wandering to Macon: A Wandering Wednesday by Joseph Craven

Wandering Wednesday: Guest Post Edition surges forward with a submission by the one, the only, the one with the only greatest blog of all-time, the Joseph Craven. You can follow ole JC on Twitter @thejosephcraven, which is not to be confused with @ajosephcraven. His blog is The Greatest Blog of All Time, and I’m not just saying that. He is too. If you’d like to guest for me this summer, check out this post and shoot me an email! My […]