IDENTITY: My “One Word 365” Summer/Autumn Check-In

Seek Week is over — a phenomenal five days of fasting, prayer, solitude, community, worship, and sincere soul-searching. A week of identity. If I could sum up my first Seek Week in a single word, it would be just that: identity. It was clearly my theme for the week, and lest I forget, it’s also my “One Word 365” theme for the entire year. I think I had forgotten. The last time I checked in with a One Word 365 […]

IDENTITY: My “One Word 365” Spring Check-In

My “One Word 365” for 2013 is identity, and it’s time to check in for the spring. Though it’s technically not even spring yet, recent events beckon this post. My one word for the year makes perfect sense given my upcoming little-holds-barred book. Also, the Indian name I received at camp last summer has taken over my blog, my life. My identity. Traveling Golden Trout. Since camp ended in August, I’ve been wearing this blue bracelet etched with my new […]

Korea vs. California: A Reason and a Season

I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. Ever since graduating from college in 2009, I’ve gone about some routine, hoping/thinking/praying I’m doing what I’m “supposed” to be doing. Whether it’s the “right” thing. Or if I’m in the “right” place. I think I belong in California right now. Pretty sure, actually. I’ve long prayed about it, been affirmed through certain circumstances and precious people. Emotional insecurity and natural car disasters now distantly safe in the rear view mirror […]

November: I Kinda Really Hate You

I hate November. Those who know me best know this isn’t much of a secret. Ever since my dog died six years ago this month, I’ve dreaded these 30 particular days of the year. Truthfully, I can’t remember experiencing a “good” November since 2006 attacked. I always anticipate strife and struggle and regret and remorse for this month. And it’s basically what I get every year. I’m desperate to change my mindset this November.