Nothing Can Get Me Here

Walking into base Friday morning, I was confused where I’d be spending this short half-shift. One board had me listed with the same group as last time, another board had me back with Matt and the recovering addicts, and yet another board had me with an entirely new group of teens altogether. Turns out I’d be spending my five days with a couple of those groups. I’d start with the same group from last shift, but within the same afternoon half the kids […]

The 10-Year Reunion I Swore I’d Never Attend

Ah, high school. The zippy theme songs, brightly colored walls, and laugh tracks that followed you from classroom to lunchroom to locker room. Wasn’t life grand? Our elderly headmaster often told us high school amassed “the best days of our lives.” But if those days in the early aughts made up the best days of my life, my days in 2015 are numbered. I slammed my alma mater pretty hard in Struggle Central. I didn’t necessarily set out to do so, but I couldn’t lie about […]

Georgia’s Underbelly

I have a new job. I start next week, and while anxious about newness in general, I’m psyched and ready for the change of course to come. I could’ve gone back to Charlotte this week. I could have chilled at my parents’ all week. Restless for more, I decided to continue #RunningAway with a solitary tour of Georgia’s underbelly. ~ ~ ~ It’s strange, calling a state home for eleven years — my address, my college, my first driver’s license — and feeling no […]

On the “Girl Meets World” Premiere

I never got into Boy Meets World growing up. I did catch a few episodes here and there. I know all about “Fee-hee-hee-nay” and how Cory Matthews started out as a fellow Phillies fan and then just didn’t care about my Phils anymore. But Boy Meets World was more my younger sister’s show than mine. More her world than my own. I was nonetheless intrigued alongside millions when a Boy Meets World spin-off emerged. Also created by Michael Jacobs, Girl Meets World would follow the coming-of-age exploits of Cory and […]

Life as an Enneagram Type 4: What Unhealthy Tom Looks Like

I recently blogged about Enneagram — the personality model, not the board game. The Enneagram Institute splits humanity into nine definitive personality “types,” each interconnected with the other types. What follows is the second post in a brief introspective series about my life as a Type 4: “The Individualist.” Today, I examine the darker side of life as an unhealthy Type 4 — the unhealthy life of Tom. “Unhealthy people are scary,” says my friend, the Enneagram aficionado who first introduced me to Enneagram. It’s kinda funny, the […]

Song Altars: “In the Dust” by Brandon Heath

Throughout the Old Testament, the Israelite people constructed altars. Altars not so much for God as for themselves. They built altars in places where God had delivered them, so that whenever they passed back across those particular locations, they could see the victorious altars of yesteryear and remember. Remember the victory, remember the Victor. Last summer I helped construct my own physical altar while hiking a Pacific coast trail with some beloved brothers. Several months later, I unwittingly passed that […]

tell me this one thing

tonight, i am fighting. all my life i have been fighting. fighting as one fighting as One; fighting in sorrow fighting in shadows, fighting in and out of fear fighting in tears for years and years. so much fighting and fighting, unceasing, it never flees. it drains it dries it drives me w i l d . and yet. oh, this thought, this fight — it fills it fuels it frees. fills fuels frees me. indicts my incompetence restores my relevance. finding […]

“Struggle Central” Excerpt #2: Alone at Church

Once again, it’s time for a special Struggle Central edition of Struggle Sunday! I’ve already posted one excerpt from my first book, and posted below is another! It’s the second sneak peak for Struggle Central: Quarter-Life Confessions of a Messed Up Christian, with at least one or two more reveals in the Struggle Sundays to come. Today’s excerpt takes me back those college years and the ensuing months beyond academia’s gates — such a fun time of striving for belonging wherever I could find […]