Nothing Lasts. That’s the Beauty.

Before I embarked on what would ultimately amass a 9-month quest across the continent, I invested in some business cards with a personal quote on the back. Those 22 words soon encompassed something so much more than a mere road trip: I tend to wander. It doesn’t make me lost; it just helps me find things I didn’t know I was looking for. Now beyond the confines of Mile #26,301, that quote isn’t just a little quip anymore. It’s real; it’s my real life. Just the other […]

when wonders wither

when did the rainbow go grey? the raindrops drip up, the sun run away? when did the tides retreat? silk-sand now stiff, laps lost at my feet? when did the breeze grow cold? inducing shivers of memories warm and old? when did the lilac lose her luster? her stature shrunken, her roots resist water? when did the robins rob us of their song? their melodies muted, this hush loud and long? when did the butterfly fall from the sky? his silhouette stolen, his wings twitch and writhe? when did our […]

Why I Want an Older Brother

I’ve been blessed by a fantastic family. I love my parents, and I adore my two siblings. One has flown overseas multiple times for missions work, and the other has found a natural niche in youth ministry. They are my younger siblings, and they are my heroes. I am the oldest Zuniga kid (adult?), and for 26 years onward I have enjoyed the many perks of coming first: of graduating high school first and then college first, of owning a […]