Milwaukee Paradise

Several months ago I reentered Milwaukee a year removed from the most life-changing summer of my life. Midway through the summer I blogged about that heavy drive into the city; here now is the continuation of that tale, recounting my 24 hours back in sweet Milwaukee. After parking on all too familiar Logan Street I stumbled from my car and walked around the Lutheran church that served as my team’s housing site last summer. Perhaps the most eerie stroll I’ve […]

State of the TMZ: Life After Milwaukee

Now that I’m unfettered from blogging about the six huge chunks of Me, I figured I’d check in with a little TMZ life update. Before you run away for fear of boredom, let me just say that there’s LOST to be found in this post. Oh yes. This past summer I worked in Milwaukee for this awesome youth missions organization called YouthWorks. For eleven weeks I blogged about my incredible experience there, and over the coming weeks I’ll be re-posting […]

TMZ: Brother

Life is hard. It’s an unfortunate reality that my 24-year-old brain is only still just beginning to grasp. Thankfully, we don’t have to walk this road alone. And that’s where my role as brother enters this blog. When I describe myself as a “brother,” yes, I am indeed a blood-related brother to two fantastic scratching/crying siblings. (But as I said in my last post, they’re both cool now.) But I also like to think of myself as a brother in […]