#RunningTo Week 16 in Review: Milwaukee, Chicago, Davenport

Oh man. The good times just keep rolling. From Minneapolis to Milwaukee to Chicago, I’m pretty sure it was the most epic 1-2-3 punch of this #RunningTo road trip. Three absolutely gorgeous Midwest cities in a row. I’m not sure what those cities are like during wintertime, but gosh this late summer looksie was phenomenal. After spending a solid week in Milwaukee, it was fun to return to Chicago and explore that city in greater depth. From Wrigley Field (!) to […]

Why Am I Still Wandering?

When you wander the continent for three months, you start to wonder some things. Why is the sky blue? Why do we insist on block intersections when roundabouts are so much cooler and more efficient? What’s the deal with Scotland? Aren’t they already a country? Among myriad other questions, I’m pondering one in particular after 100-plus days on the road. Why am I still wandering? Before I left Orange County, I told myself I’d stop #RunningTo when I found the “three […]

#RunningTo Week 15 in Review: Minneapolis, MN & Milwaukee, WI

HEY Y’ALL. I’m really excited, in case the CAPS startled you. Week 15 of my cross-continent road trip has been such a memorable one. I mean, all of them are quite memorable. But this one in particular stands out among the rest. Great cities, amazing people, and some spectacular photos. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite moments with y’all! SO I WILL. Check out my journey to the Twin Cities (featuring some artsy opportunities at Minneapolis’s Sculpture Garden) and […]


Three years ago, I first ventured to this Midwestern city. Called it home for an entire summer as I learned what it meant to receive love in community while simultaneously ministering to one. Two years ago, I returned to this city with a gut lined with lonely dread only to rediscover the Paradise it once was. On this week’s milestone DAY 100 of #RunningTo, I returned to this city once more. No dread this time. Just Paradise. I realize “Paradise” is a strong word. It evokes […]

Milwaukee Paradise

Several months ago I reentered Milwaukee a year removed from the most life-changing summer of my life. Midway through the summer I blogged about that heavy drive into the city; here now is the continuation of that tale, recounting my 24 hours back in sweet Milwaukee. After parking on all too familiar Logan Street I stumbled from my car and walked around the Lutheran church that served as my team’s housing site last summer. Perhaps the most eerie stroll I’ve […]

Eastward Ho! Milwaukee Dread

Last time on Eastward Ho, I lost approximately 8 years of my life lost in the boredom desert of Nebraska. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. In this episode, I reach the Nebraska/Iowa border and say hey to the city of Omaha. And then I quickly skedaddle out of there, zooming across Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin en route to the city that changed my life last summer: Milwaukee. The city that would ultimately change my life all over again. I’ve already blogged […]

Eastward Ho: Milwaukee Melee

I recently drove across the country to reach my summer camp destination on the east coast. What follows is one of several real-life wandering stories from my incredible “Eastward Ho” adventure. Before I can talk about what I actually did upon my return to Milwaukee, I must first explain the magnitude of my initial arrival. I hope my feeble words translate some glimpse of what this momentous return meant to me. Bluemound Rd Fond du Lac Mitchell Park Domes Oklahoma […]