Hey, Jude

2016 introduced me to not one but two seasons of carlessness — my first bouts without a vehicle since becoming an adult many moons ago. These seasons without wheels humbled me. Most of the world lives without cars, after all. I was still among the 1% wealthiest people, even without a car. Walking to work without a car, I realized how blessed I’ve been over the last decade to have had one. To roam from one coastline to another and […]

Carlessness, Homelessness, and a Sea of Golden Butterflies

I sold my car last week. T’was already the second time I said goodbye to a vehicle this year; unlike the first, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to sign over this title. The reasons for selling were many — impatience, finances, the government — and, ultimately, I went with my gut. My gut said a new story needed to be written, and so the page shall now turn. Goodbye, Des. Thanks for getting me from point A to point […]

You and I Will Be Okay

Earlier this year, I lost my beloved Mitsy to old age and a fuming engine on I-81S. I cried over her (wept, really), I memorialized her, and I spent the next two months of my life walking around Asheville until my sister’s old car became my new car — Des. She’s a 1998 Toyota Corolla, and her full name is Desdemona — a name I wasn’t wild about. Rather than christen her with a new name and inflict her with […]

“Are You Lost?”

You know the drill. You’ve had a really long day only to remember you’re out of milk, which we all know is the life-force of our refrigerators. You divert your course from home to Walmart and quickly become amazed that this many people actually go to Walmart at night. The only free parking spot is approximately three football fields from the entrance, so you park and saddle up for your long journey across the parking lot, which eventually includes skirting […]

The Harrowing Hubcap Heist of ’11

So I want you all to meet Mitsy. Oh, right, y’all already met. Well, from the inside. Here’s my darling from the outside in pictographical form: Oh, wait. No. That’s not her, at least not how she looks today. THIS is now the state of my Mitsy: Depressing. You see, a couple weeks ago this wicked deviant snatched my front left hubcap while I was out for a run. And now my beloved Mitsy looks like she just got her […]

Wandering Wednesday #2 – Downey, CA

This past weekend I took a delightful little test to become qualified for substitute teaching in the great state of California. And what do you know, my camera just so happened to be with me. Fancy that, if you possibly can. I know; crazy stuff. Did I pass? Did I bomb? Did I get lost and show up late and have to perform some embarrassing rite of passage to obtain a test booklet? Stay tuned for the video below to […]