10 Struggles I’m Thankful For

In this warm season of friends and family and frozen foul that take days to thaw, it’s difficult, often harrowing, to acknowledge life’s less-than-stellar moments and espouse even a somewhat thankful spirit. And yet impossible though the task may seem, finding the song amid the chaos has produced such release and redemption in my life. Hope. Over the last twenty-six years, I’ve weathered some severe struggles. Here are ten of my fiercest in which, eventually, I saw redemption emerge – […]

This Is Who I Am

Hey guys. I have a confession to make: It’s been a rough week. I’m not sure why, exactly; God’s been so good to me. I’ve been picking up considerably more hours at my new job (did I ever mention I got a new job??), and it’s honestly been fantastic. I love the atmosphere, I love the people. I love everything about this new job — rediscovering financial freedom included. And yet, I can’t help feeling I’m missing something. Isn’t life […]

One Word 365: My Autumn Check-In

One Word 365: my succinct “theme” for 2012. I began this year with the declaration that these 365 days would be courageous. A year of leaps and bounds like never before. I checked in this spring with an update on my courageous moments. Not as a chance to puff myself up, but rather as a valued venue for accountability. This spring I ran a half-marathon, met/interviewed one of my favorite writers, got baptized, and even spoke at my church — […]

Starting Over Again: The Tale of Westward Ho 2

Once again, my life is starting over in the same magical place. After a long week on the road, I’m back in southern California. Last night I stared out at the Pacific Ocean and felt certain peace to be back home. “Home” in the temporary sense that yes, this is where I am meant to be at this fleeting moment in time. And yet in gazing over Lady Pacific, I couldn’t help consider the oceanic challenges suddenly facing me: finding a […]

A Week for the Ages

Remember that Full House episode when our beloved Uncle Joey strikes it big by getting free cable, winning a radio contest, and ultimately landing the heralded “Ranger Joe” TV gig? In his excitement he sent a “hug-o-gram” to the retiring Ranger Roy, only to uncover afterward that the exiting ranger had a physical condition that prevented hugs of any kind. Suddenly, dear Uncle Joey is fired before his first day and his really great week unravels. Of course, since it’s […]