Jurassic Brothers: A “Jurassic World” Recap that Has Nothing to Do with Dinosaurs

I saw Jurassic World on opening weekend alongside 4.6 billion others. Not quite opening night, because that level of commitment is reserved for more sacred stuff like Star Wars. (175 more days. But who’s counting?) Chris Pratt playing with raptors? Riding alongside them on a motorcycle? Some sort of big bad hybrid dino? Even though the trailers did practically nothing for me, I still wanted to see Jurassic World sooner than later. Because hey, it’s Jurassic Park — er, World. And now that […]

I Don’t Want to Be Your Hero

I saw Boyhood while #RunningTo took me to a coffee shop in High Point, North Carolina. I watched all 166 minutes of it on my laptop. I’m sure the baristas were wondering what in the world was with that bearded wanderer who kept erupting into teary hysterics. I could write a dozen blog posts about the film itself — the simplistic plot, the real-life aging of all the actors, and comparisons to my own boyhood. Maybe someday I’ll write those other blog posts. Today I want to focus on […]

My Road Trip Finally Ends This Weekend and I’m Terrified

Nine months. Nine months and a week, actually. 40 weeks: that will be the ultimate span of this #RunningTo road trip. Before I left southern California last May, I had no clue how long the road would wind. Your guess would have been as good as mine. Two months? Seven? Seventy times seven? The longer I ventured and the more I saw, the more my mouth fell agape; the longer I ventured and the more people I met, the more amazed […]

What’s Your Favorite Friendship Story?

I’m currently taking my pretty little time drafting a second book. I’ll soon divulge more info on that venture in an upcoming newsletter (sign up, won’t you?). In the meantime, though, I had a question for y’all. I was hoping we could have an extensive dialogue in the comments below. Here’s the question: What are your favorite stories of friendship and community? These stories can be fictional or nonfictional. They can come from the Bible or from The Real World. Books, […]

TMZ Reviews: “Camp”

“For the whole week, I couldn’t wait to go back to my real life, you know? Now I feel like my real life is fake and camp is real.” Last summer, I did not — much to my lingering chagrin — return to Camp Ridgecrest. Ridgecrest was that magical (though often daunting) land from the final chapters of Struggle Central. Early into 2013, I was convinced I’d return to “Struggle Central” for a second summer of struggle and redemption alike. Alas. I […]

The Weekend WOW: “Left Behind” and “Coming Out”

Throughout any given week, I strive to share heartbreaking unexpectedly hilarious insightful moving unique things on my Twitter and Facebook page. At the end of the week, I condense the very best of Internetdom into a WOW-tastic post I call “The Weekend WOW.” And what a wonderful WOW-tastic week on the world wide web it was. + WOW what heartbreaking movie news: I don’t know if y’all knew this, but Left Behind is currently being rebooted for a more mainstream audience. […]

TMZ Reviews: Blue Like Jazz

I recently saw Blue Like Jazz. What’s Blue Like Jazz, you ask? Isn’t that a book, you ask? How can one “see” a book, you ask? Why was this a real thing, you ask? Well, I can answer all but one of those. Blue Like Jazz was originally a book, yes, but it is now a film. The nonfiction book, written by the great Donald Miller, chronicles the author’s adolescent journey through faith with many spiritual essays. Miller’s “sequel” of […]

Unleashing Your (Toy) Story

As a semi-seclusive writer paradoxically desperate for community, I jumped on the opportunity to attend an “art of storytelling” gathering with fellow creatives at my church. And it was there I became convinced that Toy Story 3 is one of the greatest stories of all time. But don’t just take my word for it. Donald Miller knows what I’m talking about. And we all know Don Miller is spot-on about everything pertaining to life and faith and story — and […]