Fiction vs. Nonfiction: Finding My Writer’s Calling

Today I’m thrilled to be guest posting at Sandra Carey Cody’s Birth of a Novel blog. My writing career actually started with a novel upon my college graduation in 2009. Nearly five years later, that novel remains unpublished, but another (nonfictional) book took over my life in the meantime. Here’s a snippet of my guest post, and be sure to click over for the continuation! I first found the light of a writer’s calling late into my freshman year of […]

My Badly Drawn Bible Debut

I FINALLY DID IT GUYS. I’M AN ARTIST. Finally, after living for two years in a house with insanely artistic people who also have insanely artistic friends, I’ve stepped out on faith and artistisized something for myself. Like, with actual crayons. Alas, you won’t find my masterpiece on this site. To witness my Michaelangeloistic magnificence, you’ll have to venture over to Jared Hollier’s blog at Badly Drawn Bible. I’ve loved Jared’s blog for a long time (and by long time, […]

Spirit Fall

This week I got to blog a sermon recap for my church, ROCKHARBOR Fullerton. We’re currently doing a series through the entire Bible, “The Story of God,” and this week we landed in Acts. Here’s a snippet of my post! Click the RHF link at the end to read its entirety. During my first year of college I attended a charismatic church service with some friends. Certainly one of the more unique and memorable services I’ve ever witnessed. People were […]

The Novel Chronicles – Episode 6

I’m on a bit of a blogging lag thanks to a phenomenal week-long venture to Seattle, and you’ll see the fruits of my (non-)labor soon enough in several Wandering Wednesdays to come. Unfortunately, the first of said WW videos will not be happening today. But FORTUNATELY, I’ve got another kind of video just for you! And this Novel Chronicle is especially special because it’s the only one I ever filmed beyond the confines of my award-ridden bedroom walls. For Episode […]

The Novel Chronicles – Episode 5.5

I know what you’re thinking. Will Community ever come back? I know what else you’re thinking. Episode 5.5? What does that even mean? After I graduated college in 2009, I started working on a novel idea: namely, to write a novel. My original goal was to make it to 50,000 words before all the word fairies slaughtered me in my sleep. Witness now this momentous occasion in which I broke to video LIVE in the writing process, when I was […]

Wandering Wednesday #6 – Watkinsville, GA

I may be back on the west coast after a lengthy holiday stay on the east coast, but that doesn’t mean I’m incapable of teleporting back to Georgia and filming a Wandering Wednesday video-blog there. It’s pretty much all thanks to the magical rainbow gazebo that I visit. Even in a small town where I spent 10 years of my life, I figured out somewhere new to wander and somewhere old to reminisce. ENJOY Y’ALL. It’s back to videos on […]

The Novel Chronicles – Episode 5

For episodes 1-4, go here. Then here. Then over here. And finally here. And congratulations, you just circumnavigated the globe of my website. WAIT, before you click away from this post because it’s another one of my long-winded video-blogs from 2 years ago that I didn’t edit whatsoever — just hear me out. Yes, I admit my unedited and new-to-vlogging self can quickly get stale like expired bread in a time machine. But this 14-minute monster episode is actually really […]

The Novel Chronicles – Episode 4

So it’s really fascinating to be reworking through my novel as I simultaneously repost these two-year-old video-blogs from when I was just starting this grand literary quest. I’ve certainly come a long way since that first day of August in 2009. In this episode I point out my obsession with hand motions, recap the vague-ish clues of episodes past, and catch everyone up on where I stand now–which, again, isn’t now “now,” but “now” then. Glad I could clear that […]