Thomas Mark Zuniga Joins Instagram. Finally.

So, one of many exciting developments over the holidays was my long overdue entrance into the world of Instagram. Have you guys heard of Instagram? What about DVD players? Have you ever eaten pizza? The meat kind with pineapples is my favorite. They call it “Hawaiian” pizza, though I’m unsure why. Anyway, yes, I am finally on Instagram and what a lovely experience it’s been to this point. I’ve decided to post a few photographic gems my first couple weeks […]

My OneWord365 for 2014: Hunger

If you go on The Twitter, you’ll find the nifty hashtag #OneWord365 that many twitterers across the globe have embraced in lieu of traditional, bulleted, often impossible-to-keep New Year’s resolutions. OneWord365 trains you to view your upcoming year through the lens of a single word and to simply live out each of your 365 days to the fullest extent of your OneWord365. Here’s how my OneWord365 for 2013, IDENTITY, shaped my year: I wrote a book that examined and exposed the […]