One Word 365: My Spring Check-In

My One Word 365 for 2012 is courageous. After five months of this slightly less sparkly new year, I wanted to check in with my spring progress. Not in a puff-myself-up kind of way, but more of a trying-to-stay-accountable sort of way. In short, it’s been a life-changing year. In long… I met with one of the most inspiring people I may ever meet. He’s a phenomenal writer and an even better person. Just been so blessed by this guy. […]


No new Wandering Wednesday video-blog since today is Ash Wednesday–gotta catch ’em all. But fear not, next Wednesday is only a week away, and those magical redwoods will still be magical then as they were before as they are forever and evermore. I never grew up in the religious tradition of Lent. For the longest time it seemed an enslaving exercise void of passion or purpose–something you had to do, but didn’t really want to do, if you were being […]

Struggle Sunday: To Boldly Go

My “one word” for 2012 is courageous. I picked such a word because of my struggle with boldness. And since courageousness is basically the antithesis of such a struggle, it just seemed like a fun combo deal. Like Happy Meals. When it comes to boldness, my life can effectively be split into two halves. I was a total coward pre-2004. As for my life post-2004…well, I’m working on it. Pre-2004: To Boldly…No I’m not the biggest fan of high school. […]

Wandering Wednesday #6 – Watkinsville, GA

I may be back on the west coast after a lengthy holiday stay on the east coast, but that doesn’t mean I’m incapable of teleporting back to Georgia and filming a Wandering Wednesday video-blog there. It’s pretty much all thanks to the magical rainbow gazebo that I visit. Even in a small town where I spent 10 years of my life, I figured out somewhere new to wander and somewhere old to reminisce. ENJOY Y’ALL. It’s back to videos on […]

TMZ RETURNS & One Word 365

Oh hey there, TMZ’ers. Remember how I called you that once long ago? I didn’t like it then, and I still don’t like it now. But like picking a scab though it’s wiser to leave it alone and let it heal, I recycle the silly term and immediately regret doing so. Blast. So anyway, TMZ’ers, it’s been a while! I’ve been hopping around the east coast for several weeks, enjoying precious time with family and friends. BUT NOW I’M BACK. […]