One Word to Sum Up Our New Future:

One more political-ish post. And then hopefully not another until (at least) the next election. I’m so glad it’s finally over. Give us at least a couple weeks to recover, media. Please. People are feeling stuff today. It started at sunrise as I drove to work and interacted with a coffee barista and fellow coworkers and students and it continues with reactions on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere else I look online. People are stunned. People are disheartened. People are […]

Who I’m Voting For Today

I am so weird: I’m obsessed with politics. I can’t get enough Daily Show and John Oliver and SNL sketches and debates and polls, and I’ve navigated onto clickable red- and blue-colored maps admittedly more times than any human should these last few months. And yet for all my endless fascination for politics, you cannot find a more disenfranchised individual. I’ve unfollowed more folks on Twitter and Facebook this year than ever before because every day afforded them the opportunity […]


Not sure if you heard, but America just had an election. I know — it came and went like a thief in the night. But indeed, millions voted for president on Tuesday. As such, this edition of the Weekend WOW will be a special politics version. Don’t worry though — if you’re like me and hate heated discussions of politics, you’ll find none of that here. Just lots of good stuff and hilarity. Mostly hilarity. WOW what an image: Politics […]

Election Day: When Everything Changes But Probably Not

After the longest nastiest most expensive campaign in history, it’s finally Election Day. I know, right? It’s like hitting LOST finale day after six arduous years of mind-bending mysteries. Forget the tropical polar bears; soon, this ultimate political mystery will be revealed. I long debated writing anything special for this occasion. I liken my non-discussion of politics to non-discussions of theology or salted meats. Confrontation. I can’t stand heated arguments. Especially within the Church. Especially among Christian butchers. I’d much […]