No new Wandering Wednesday video-blog since today is Ash Wednesday–gotta catch ’em all. But fear not, next Wednesday is only a week away, and those magical redwoods will still be magical then as they were before as they are forever and evermore. I never grew up in the religious tradition of Lent. For the longest time it seemed an enslaving exercise void of passion or purpose–something you had to do, but didn’t really want to do, if you were being […]

On Religion vs. Relationship

By now it’s an almost certainty that you’ve seen this controversial “religion vs. relationship” video. But on the off-chance that you’ve been fasting from the Internet (then how are you reading this?) or have stubbornly refused to update to the newest version of Flash these last 7 years, here it is for your viewing pleasure. (Uh, you’d have to update to the newest version of Flash…) It’s a polarizing video, whether you’re one of the 165,623 people who like it […]