April 22, 2012: The Day My Kneecaps Explode

Yesterday I ran 10 miles and almost perished in the process. I’ll elaborate on that fun tale in a future TMZ post coming soon to an Internet near you. For now, I’ll just let y’all know that it’s official: I’m all signed up. April 22. Half-marathon. (That’s 13.1 miles.) (The .1 gives it a little extra zest.) I’m pretty sure my legs won’t survive the trek, but I’ll belly-crawl that canyon from miles 9 to 13.1 if I have to. […]

Help Me Kill My Love for Running

Rob Shepherd is running a half-marathon. In the Outer Banks of North Carolina, no less. I ran track and cross-country in high school, and have miraculously continued running in the seven years since. But I’ve never run a marathon. Full or half. Or any distance greater than 7-8 miles, really. This needs to change. I leave for a summer job in mid-May, and I’ve determined that I want to run in a half-marathon before this happens. Does one usually need […]

Never Alone: Completing the Marathon

I’m a closet Biggest Loser fan. I’m not ashamed to admit it; it’s just that in my fervor for reality giants like┬áSurvivor and The Amazing Race, two shows I regularly recap every Friday on The Fritz!, I never talk about The Biggest Loser. But ever since I started watching last season, I’ve grown to adore this show. These people. I essentially wept through this season’s penultimate episode in which all the contestants — eliminated or not — competed in a […]

The Harrowing Hubcap Heist of ’11

So I want you all to meet Mitsy. Oh, right, y’all already met. Well, from the inside. Here’s my darling from the outside in pictographical form: Oh, wait. No. That’s not her, at least not how she looks today. THIS is now the state of my Mitsy: Depressing. You see, a couple weeks ago this wicked deviant snatched my front left hubcap while I was out for a run. And now my beloved Mitsy looks like she just got her […]