The Real Reason Why I’ve Never Dated

I’m 26, soon to be 27, and I have never dated. This fact used to elicit great shame; at times, it still does. Looking back, however, I don’t believe I’ve ever been “ready.” Somebody in an online group recently posed a question that awakened me as to why: “How do you know you want to be with someone, that you’re willing to have them invade your space and time?” I’d never quite thought of romance this way. Something about the […]

On Releasing My First Book: Lusting for Love

Twelve days ago, I hit the “send” button on a newsletter that would transport my first book to 114 people scattered about this planet. In the ensuing 12 days, 40 others would join my fold and also see my first book born in their inbox — born bloody, naked, and afraid. So very afraid. Within hardly an hour or two, I was already receiving tweets about it. It — my book. My first book. My soul. My 26-year collection of […]