Life as an Enneagram Type 4: What Unhealthy Tom Looks Like

I recently blogged about Enneagram — the personality model, not the board game. The Enneagram Institute splits humanity into nine definitive personality “types,” each interconnected with the other types. What follows is the second post in a brief introspective series about my life as a Type 4: “The Individualist.” Today, I examine the darker side of life as an unhealthy Type 4 — the unhealthy life of Tom. “Unhealthy people are scary,” says my friend, the Enneagram aficionado who first introduced me to Enneagram. It’s kinda funny, the […]

As Tom Daley Comes Out

Tom Daley came out yesterday. Maybe you didn’t hear, or maybe you don’t even know who Tom Daley is. He’s an Olympic diver from Great Britain, and he won a bronze medal in London last year. He’s only 19 years old. Tom Daley is also an incredibly fit, attractive dude; needless to say, I’ve known about Tom Daley since last year’s Summer Olympics. His big YouTube announcement yesterday certainly caught my attention and gave me lots to think about. Take […]

“Struggle Central” Excerpt #1: Shame on Me

It’s Struggle Sunday! Today marks a decidedly special Struggle Sunday edition, because posted below is an official excerpt from my upcoming book, Struggle Central: Quarter-Life Confessions of a Messed Up Christian. It’s the first sneak peak of several in the weeks to come! My first book releases soon! Subscribe to my email newsletter for your own free copy come Publication Day. In the mean time, here’s my messy transitional tale to a new high school 800 miles from home… I […]

The Silly + the Serious of “Community” = This Blog?

Community is the greatest comedy on television. Its seamless transition from the silly to the serious is a sort of inspiration for my very blog. Watching Troy and Abed in the dreamatorium immediately followed by a sincere evaluation of their friendship reminds me of how I like to write about ducks (having sex) in my pool one day and getting baptized in a separate pool the next (surrounded by pirate paraphernalia, no less). A recent Community episode hit me pretty […]

A Birthday Baptism by Buccaneer Bay

I was baptized last week. It was more “unconventional” in the sense that the event did not occur within the traditional confines of a Sunday morning service of a standard church building. I kinda like that. But though occurring on a non-churchy Tuesday night at a non-churchy water park, my baptism most certainly occurred in the truly Churchy presence of a dozen and a half dear brothers and sisters in Christ. My parents flew into town earlier in the day, […]

Why I’ve Never Been Baptized

Several years ago I watched my younger siblings do it. I’ve often wondered whether I would ever follow in their footsteps. Been questioned about it plenty of times. But I already have Jesus in my heart. I love Him dearly. He is everything; He’s the only thing. For nearly 25 years God’s will has superseded mine, despite countless stumbles along the way. I’m certainly not perfect, but I strive to do the right thing. To love people like God has […]

EDEN-APPLE-HEART: My Apple (Part 2 of 3)

A couple weeks ago I started a three-part series examining my life’s “Eden,” “apple,” and “heart” moments, as inspired by one of my favorite musicians, Brandon Heath. Part 1, “My Eden,” was a fantasy-laden post chronicling my glorious childhood days of bikes and games and empty parking lots with siblings and cousins. Part 2, “My Apple,” isn’t quite as fantastical. It’s a little darker–actually, uh, a lot more. But before I delve any further, I’ll let my blogging sidekick Brandon […]

Struggle Sunday: Shame On Me

So I’ve been blogging here for three months and have only written two “Struggle Sunday” posts. Just goes to show how hard it is to write about the tough stuff — topics I do regularly want to examine. So if it’s been several Sundays without a struggler post, feel free to nudge me on the shoulder and say, “Hey, you need to bare/bear your messed up, struggling soul on your blog again. Thanks.” So, shame on me for not writing […]