Struggle Sunday: I’m Not Worthy

I recently spoke in church. Like…big-people church. Not children’s church or Sunday School or the nursery. It’s about as insane a claim as my slam-dunking over Shaq. At the start of the year I’d have given greater odds to becoming LeBron Tom than Pastor Tom. But God’s been challenging me this year. Calling me out of isolation and irrelevance and into insane levels of courage. The last couple months especially have brought me further out of fear, but I still […]

One Word 365: My Spring Check-In

My One Word 365 for 2012 is courageous. After five months of this slightly less sparkly new year, I wanted to check in with my spring progress. Not in a puff-myself-up kind of way, but more of a trying-to-stay-accountable sort of way. In short, it’s been a life-changing year. In long… I met with one of the most inspiring people I may ever meet. He’s a phenomenal writer and an even better person. Just been so blessed by this guy. […]

Spirit Fall

This week I got to blog a sermon recap for my church, ROCKHARBOR Fullerton. We’re currently doing a series through the entire Bible, “The Story of God,” and this week we landed in Acts. Here’s a snippet of my post! Click the RHF link at the end to read its entirety. During my first year of college I attended a charismatic church service with some friends. Certainly one of the more unique and memorable services I’ve ever witnessed. People were […]