My Storyline Conference Lessons: Suffering is Good

Last week, I blogged about my impressions from my recent trek to Nashville for the Storyline conference. Storyline is an organization run by Donald Miller and friends; its sole purpose, to help people of all shapes and sizes and ages find their subplots in God’s story. Moving beyond those first impressions, I learned a thing or two. Here’s the second of this two-part Storyline recap! Storyline Conference Lesson #1: Clear is Good A good story is a clear story. If I […]

My Storyline Conference Impressions: People Are Beautiful

A couple weeks ago, I attended my first Storyline conference — a three-day escapade in Nashville, Tennessee. Storyline is an organization run by Donald Miller and friends; its sole purpose is to help people find their subplots in God’s story. From Day 1, Moment 1, I was just so jazzed to be there. Here’s part 1 of a two-part recap from my time in the Music City! Everyone’s here. That was legitimately my first impression as I walked up to […]

The Top-11 Things I Hope Not to Say to Donald Miller

This a post inspired by Rob Shepherd’s “Things I Hope To Not Say To @JonAcuff.” Mine is different because it is, obviously, about Donald Miller and not that other famous Christian blogger/author/cool guy. Whereas Mr. Shepherd recently united under the same roof as Mr. Acuff at this year’s Catalyst conference, I’m soon-to-be uniting under the same structure as Mr. Miller at Storyline. Additionally, my post’s title includes a “top-11” countdown element that Mr. Shepherd’s post lacks (I have a thing for […]

What Is A Good Story?

I’m currently re-reading Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It is, without question, my most favorite book. The Holy Bible would have taken the top spot were it not for one, but TWO tedious books of Chronicles. Side-note: I really hope you guys “get” my sense of humor by now. ANYWAY. Just two weeks from tomorrow, I fly across the country for Donald Miller’s Storyline conference in Nashville. I’m beyond stoked. It was something I semi-spontaneously registered for […]


I recently received my first sales numbers for Struggle Central: book quantities and dollar figures for the month of May. I wasn’t surprised; wasn’t too shocked one way or the other. I sold right about as many copies as I expected or “deserved.” While I’m grateful for the new influx of funds after what I put down to self-publish Struggle Central, the sales themselves are only the icing on an already lavish cake. 31 Amazon ratings. Most of those 5-star. 31 […]

Storyline: Why I’m Flying to Nashville and Why You Should Come Too!

Last week, I did something I’m not usually prone to doing. I made an impulse decision. Although, to be fair, it was an impulse decision preceded by a few weeks of legitimate pontificating: Should I eventually or should I immediately register for Donald Miller’s Storyline conference in Nashville? After dwelling for years on “eventually,” I spontaneously made the shift to “immediately” on an unsuspecting Friday afternoon. This October, I’m flying to Nashville. And I think you should come, too. Storyline: […]