Get My Book Free on NoiseTrade!

Many of y’all might already be aware, but for those who aren’t, I just wanted to pop in for a quick post today. My book, Struggle Central, is now available for free download on the new NoiseTrade Books! Several people have downloaded my book in the last week, and I’ve even heard back from a couple who have finished reading already. I’m excited to get my book even further distributed! So, if you missed out on my free book giveaway […]

Why I Used the F-Word in My First Book

I’ve been wanting to write this pestersome post for almost a year now. But I’ve also really wanted to avoid it. I’ve wanted to pretend like “the issue” didn’t exist or matter and, like, whatever. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Avoidance works for a while. Sometimes, avoidance works for a long while. After a long while, though, avoidance hurts more than action. It distracts, it obsesses, and it cripples. And so, I think it’s finally time to write this pestersome post. I […]

The Weekend WOW: Christmas Commercials Make Me Cry Edition

Throughout any given week, I strive to share hilarious heart-tugging inspiring wise wonderfully wintery things on my Twitter and Facebook. At the end of the week, I condense the very best of Internetdom into a WOW-tastic blog post I call The Weekend WOW. And what a wonderful WOW-tastic Christmasey week on the World Wide Web it was. + WOW what a hilarious blog post: Jon Acuff’s “The 5 Best Ways to Survive, ‘Christmas Shoes’” via Stuff Christians Like. It’s the stuff […]


I promised y’all December. The perfect Christmas gift. Or stocking-stuffer. Or paperweight. But I lied. I lied, because the long awaited STRUGGLE CENTRAL paperback is finally available TODAY! Last I checked, Daylight Savings Time notwithstanding, it’s still November. IT’S A THANKSGIVING MIRACLE. Here’s the miraculous link to my STRUGGLE CENTRAL paperback on Amazon! I’m so excited. So, so excited. This moment has definitely been a long time coming, and it’s surreal to finally be here. Needless to say, I would […]

I Still Miss You, Annie

Friday, October 19, 2013: It is the final night of my first return to Georgia in a whole year. And for the first time since abandoning the South three years ago, I am actually sad to be flying back “home” to California tomorrow. Normally, I am not sad; normally, I am beyond ready to return to my new life after a few days spent reliving my old one. After just three or four days of my mother’s blueberry pancakes and […]

Wandering Wednesday #15: Fullerton, CA

Today is a great day. I don’t care if I get stuck in Los Angeles traffic for hours or lose my favorite watch. (Oh wait, that second thing already happened.) Today is WANDERING WEDNESDAY. At long last. But it’s not just “another” Wandering Wednesday. It’s quite possibly my most pivotal Wandering Wednesday adventure yet. First off, it’s a Wandering Wednesday featuring my current hometown of Fullerton, California. Guys, I LOVE this city. It’s amazing. I hope this video helps you […]

My Storyline Conference Lessons: Suffering is Good

Last week, I blogged about my impressions from my recent trek to Nashville for the Storyline conference. Storyline is an organization run by Donald Miller and friends; its sole purpose, to help people of all shapes and sizes and ages find their subplots in God’s story. Moving beyond those first impressions, I learned a thing or two. Here’s the second of this two-part Storyline recap! Storyline Conference Lesson #1: Clear is Good A good story is a clear story. If I […]

Why I’m Giving Away My Book (Again!)

It was a ludicrous idea: give away my first book. But I THRIVE on ludicrous. I mean, all you have to do is read the final 2 chapters of Struggle Central to realize how ludicrous I really am. Plus, I used to love mayonnaise sandwiches as a child. So, ludicrous was the way to go. This past April, I sent my eBook to over 100 of my newsletter subscribers around the world. Completely free. Could I have “done” this whole publishing thing […]