Summer Questions: I Don’t Know What’s Best for Me

I knew it had been a while, but I was blown away when I realized my last Struggle Sunday post occurred on… May 27th of last year. Yikes. Please don’t let me go that long without getting messy with y’all again. While my life seems to be peaches and cream at the moment — regularly working, working out, and writing once again — there also exists one mess of a decision at the core of all that peachy cream. The […]

Struggle Sunday: I’m Not Worthy

I recently spoke in church. Like…big-people church. Not children’s church or Sunday School or the nursery. It’s about as insane a claim as my slam-dunking over Shaq. At the start of the year I’d have given greater odds to becoming LeBron Tom than Pastor Tom. But God’s been challenging me this year. Calling me out of isolation and irrelevance and into insane levels of courage. The last couple months especially have brought me further out of fear, but I still […]

Struggle Sunday: To Boldly Go

My “one word” for 2012 is courageous. I picked such a word because of my struggle with boldness. And since courageousness is basically the antithesis of such a struggle, it just seemed like a fun combo deal. Like Happy Meals. When it comes to boldness, my life can effectively be split into two halves. I was a total coward pre-2004. As for my life post-2004…well, I’m working on it. Pre-2004: To Boldly…No I’m not the biggest fan of high school. […]

Struggle Sunday: Shame On Me

So I’ve been blogging here for three months and have only written two “Struggle Sunday” posts. Just goes to show how hard it is to write about the tough stuff — topics I do regularly want to examine. So if it’s been several Sundays without a struggler post, feel free to nudge me on the shoulder and say, “Hey, you need to bare/bear your messed up, struggling soul on your blog again. Thanks.” So, shame on me for not writing […]

Struggle Sunday: Fear of Man

I care. I care what people think of me. Care too much. And too much care has spiraled into fear, and that’s what this Struggle Sunday centers upon: fear of man. My particular fear of man majorly covers a facet I’ve long known about myself, but the root issue stems from something much more significant and harrowing beneath the surface. Afraid to Speak I recently posted the Week 3 recap of my YouthWorks summer in which I assessed my fear […]

Struggle Sunday: Doubting God’s Direction

To kick off my first “Struggle Sunday,” which just so happens to align with the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I thought I’d talk about something we all experience at one point or another: doubting God’s direction in our lives. I’ve never heard God’s audible voice. Never seen mystical writing in the sky or in the sand or inside my eyelids when I close them at night. And yet somehow I knew where to go to college my freshman year and […]