Camp Calls: Revisiting the Desire of My Heart

This weekend I’m going back to camp. No, not Camp Ridgecrest. Sadly. But another camp nonetheless. When I made the difficult decision not to return to Camp Ridgecrest this summer, my heart longed to work with youth again this June-July-August. After all, that’s been my story these past two summers: venturing across the country to impact youth and subsequently be impacted by them and my peers all at once. And yet with last autumn’s return to southern California, I started experiencing drastically […]

A New May Story: Staying in California

It’s May. These last two years, May has brought about a shift. A change. A drastic tide to the normal flow and current of my life. Leaving.  I tutor in September. I tutor in October. I tutor in November. I tutor in December. I enjoy the holidays. I tutor in January. I tutor in February. I tutor in March. I tutor in April. I tutor in May — And then I leave. Give May a week or two at most, […]

Summer Questions: I Don’t Know What’s Best for Me

I knew it had been a while, but I was blown away when I realized my last Struggle Sunday post occurred on… May 27th of last year. Yikes. Please don’t let me go that long without getting messy with y’all again. While my life seems to be peaches and cream at the moment — regularly working, working out, and writing once again — there also exists one mess of a decision at the core of all that peachy cream. The […]

November: I Kinda Really Hate You

I hate November. Those who know me best know this isn’t much of a secret. Ever since my dog died six years ago this month, I’ve dreaded these 30 particular days of the year. Truthfully, I can’t remember experiencing a “good” November since 2006 attacked. I always anticipate strife and struggle and regret and remorse for this month. And it’s basically what I get every year. I’m desperate to change my mindset this November. 

Calling All Guest-Posters!

So…here’s the thing. For 8 months now, I’ve loved expressing my silly/serious entanglement of thoughts on this blog while “meeting” some incredibly lovely individuals. In short, it’s been great. In long, it’s been grrrrrrrrreat. But my blog is going to be significantly less active soon. By next week, I’ll have driven completely across the country in preparation for a summer-long camp counselor position in North Carolina. Who knows where I even am today as you read this post, since I […]

Calling All Good Samaritans (in the Northern US)!

Next week I’m leaving southern California for a summer job in North Carolina. I’m driving. This presents the potential for grand adventures and problems alike. I would love a warm bed for the several nights of my massive 3,000-mile road-trip across the country, though I certainly don’t mind sleeping in my car. Beds are just usually more comfortable than driver seats. Sorry, Mitsy. So if you live within spitting/drooling distance of this crazy blue line (especially along that magnormous stretch […]

Names on the Horizon

I have a thing for names. That novel I’ve written but haven’t published yet? All about names. Names are huge. People were named in the Bible and it meant something. Something far more significant than what you write at the top of tests. Your name was your identity, encapsulating everything about you. Nowadays most people just name their kids Apple and Blue Ivy, because I guess we must really love fruit and colors and bizarre plant structures. Or maybe they […]