10 Struggles I’m Thankful For

In this warm season of friends and family and frozen foul that take days to thaw, it’s difficult, often harrowing, to acknowledge life’s less-than-stellar moments and espouse even a somewhat thankful spirit. And yet impossible though the task may seem, finding the song amid the chaos has produced such release and redemption in my life. Hope. Over the last twenty-six years, I’ve weathered some severe struggles. Here are ten of my fiercest in which, eventually, I saw redemption emerge – […]

Wandering Wednesday #4 – Long Beach, CA

It’s been far too long since I last wandered on a Wednesday with you all, and for that I apologize. I truly do enjoy exchanging my written words for spoken ones every now and then, but admittedly I’ve slacked. Blame it on the NBA. Not to worry! Because not only do I have a power-packed Wandering Wednesday video-blog for today, but I can also promise more frequent Wandering Wednesday vlogs to close out this year and open the new one. […]

How was your Thanksgiving?

Nothing fancy today, just curious how everyone’s Thanksgivings were. Cuz I’m a Curious George like that. I did some wandering on my Thanksgiving and will happily share my experience with y’all via video this coming Wandering Wednesday. Via video–love the sound of that. They should make some kind of video company with that name. Get on it, they. Then send me the royalties. Aside from wandering around aimlessly I also spent my Thanksgiving with some pseudo-family and reaffirmed green bean […]


It’s Thanksgiving. Actually, it’s the day before Thanksgiving. But I’m not going to post this on Thanksgiving Day because everyone will be eating and sleeping through football and doing plenty of other things not at all related to internet-surfing. When I thought about what I’d blog for my first Thanksgiving post, I naturally thought about listing what I’m thankful for. How cute. But I’m gonna spin that cliche idea just a tad and list what I’m begrudgingly thankful for. And […]