You and I Will Be Okay

Earlier this year, I lost my beloved Mitsy to old age and a fuming engine on I-81S. I cried over her (wept, really), I memorialized her, and I spent the next two months of my life walking around Asheville until my sister’s old car became my new car — Des. She’s a 1998 Toyota Corolla, and her full name is Desdemona — a name I wasn’t wild about. Rather than christen her with a new name and inflict her with […]

The Return of Wandering Wednesday: DuPont Forest

  IT’S BACK. After what feels like years away, the tradition of Wandering Wednesday returns. A chance for me to dip back into the blissful well of #RunningTo and, well, go wandering again. In this week’s wandering, I trek to DuPont State Forest in western North Carolina and explore the waterfalls running rampant there. I also check out another feature DuPont is known for, though you’ll have to watch to find out more about that. I also take this opportunity […]

#RunningTo VLOG: Hunting Island Lighthouse

I’M SORRY, GUYS. I haven’t posted nearly as many video blogs as I envisioned doing prior to #RunningTo. Lately I’ve been posting some 10-second video clips on Instagram, but it’s not the same as epic explorations sprinkled with word vomit. I promise this wandering vlog isn’t as gross as I just described it. It comes from DAY 243 of this long journey as I scale the Hunting Island lighthouse on the southeastern shores of South Carolina! Hunting Island was such a unique experience — where tropical […]

#RunningTo VLOG: Feeding Prairie Dogs in South Dakota

There are some moments that transcend all others in human history. Christ’s birth. The invention of the printing press. The American Revolution and the revelation that Hello Kitty isn’t a kitty. Or take this road trip, for instance. There was that initiating campout at the Grand Canyon. Waking up to a glowing Mount Rainier. And let us never forget the blessed Gopher Hole Museum. Well, DAY 82 of #RunningTo presented me with another such definable moment. I really can’t write too much about my indescribable […]

10,000 Miles of #RunningTo

When I first set out across North America in June, I envisioned an ultimate journey of maybe 10,000 miles. A nice round number. And nice big number. I had no idea I’d be hitting that nice big number just north of North Dakota with an entire eastern seaboard still awaiting my arrival. Spectacular. Check out my grand transition to the fifth digit! Which is actually only one digit. But you’ll see. What number do you predict for my final #RunningTo odometer count? Above/below […]

#RunningTo VLOG: Crater Lake National Park

Hello my wanderers! It’s time for another video-blog — or “vlog,” as the hippity hoppity youth they call it. This one’s a quickie but (in my opinion) a goodie. It comes from my DAY 55 trek to Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon. I’m sure I must have “heard of” Crater Lake prior to this #RunningTo road trip, but I couldn’t have told you what Crater Lake was or even where Crater Lake resided on a map. A week or so […]

#RunningTo VLOG: Mt. Rainier, WA

Hello all! I’m so excited for today’s #RunningTo vlog. It’s from my DAY 41 hike to Mount Rainier in Washington, and it features a lovable little guy I like to call WORMIE. Actually, I’m not exactly the one who came up with that stellar name. My good friend Jana McAdams did, and guess what? She actually creates Wormies. Before #RunningTo began, she actually made me my own personal WORMIE. He’s been riding in the back window of my car for […]

#RunningTo VLOG: Yellowstone National Park

A couple weeks ago, I trekked to a true wonderland of a national park. This place was massive. I had no concept of just how huge Yellowstone was until I found myself being driven the 100+ mile loop around the entire thing. And not a single fence in sight. The buffalo and bears and turkeys run rampant as tourists from every state stop at every other curve to capture an image of nature unhinged. Yellowstone was definitely a highlight of my #RunningTo road trip. My friend and […]