#RunningTo VLOG: Yellowstone National Park

A couple weeks ago, I trekked to a true wonderland of a national park. This place was massive. I had no concept of just how huge Yellowstone was until I found myself being driven the 100+ mile loop around the entire thing. And not a single fence in sight. The buffalo and bears and turkeys run rampant as tourists from every state stop at every other curve to capture an image of nature unhinged. Yellowstone was definitely a highlight of my #RunningTo road trip. My friend and […]

#RunningTo VLOG: Biking Vancouver

On July 4th, I celebrated my independence by renting a bicycle and roaming free across vibrant Vancouver. Favorite bike ride of all-time. Such a highlight of my #RunningTo journey thus far. I’d recommend a bike ride through Vancouver or most any city. Gives you a revitalizing perspective on the place. Check out this brief snippet of my journey across the lovely alliterative Burrard Bridge, and stay tuned for more #RunningTo wanderings! Have you ever rented a bicycle in a city? […]

#RunningTo VLOG: Great Salt Lake

A couple weeks ago I posted a video blog featuring my descent into the Grand Canyon. I got a lot of great feedback, so it inspired me to create another vlog! I hope y’all enjoy this one, too. On Day 15 of my massive continental trek, I hit the unique wonderland of Salt Lake City. From the surrounding mountains to the Mormon culture to the ginormous lake of SALT, I grew quickly enamored with this city. Check out my second official #RunningTo […]

My First Cat Video!

Ever since I started my YouTube channel a few years ago, I’ve always yearned for one thing. That one momentous video that would forever launch my channel into the upper echelon of YouTube greatness. Forget an epiK book trailer or video blog. I’m talking about a high-quality CAT VIDEO. Well, thanks to #RunningTo and my recent trek through Montana, I’ve now achieved such videographic immortality. Enjoy this quick video featuring a friend’s cat, and I’ll shoot for a more extensive #RunningTo video blog next week! […]

#RunningTo Vlog: My Grand Canyon Hike!

Over a week ago, I kicked off my #RunningTo road trip with a hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. You can read all about my adventure, or you could LIVE it by watching my trip’s first video blog below! I mean, ideally, you will do both. Read it and live it. But I understand if you only choose one or the other. Enjoy the 16-mile journey from the comfort of your air-conditioned room! Don’t worry; I did all the dirty […]

Wandering Wednesday #16 – Newport Beach, CA

Gosh, I’ve missed wandering with y’all. But guess what?? IT’S WANDERING WEDNESDAY TODAY. ALL. DAY. I’m going to try and make my video wanderings a more regular routine again. Hold me accountable, guys! I’ve honestly missed the intentionality of wandering to new places, and I’ve missed communicating with y’all beyond merely digitized words. Today’s wandering is pretty awesome. One of my favorites. I ventured to the coast of Newport Beach and literally walked out as far as I could! You’ll […]

Wandering Wednesday #15: Fullerton, CA

Today is a great day. I don’t care if I get stuck in Los Angeles traffic for hours or lose my favorite watch. (Oh wait, that second thing already happened.) Today is WANDERING WEDNESDAY. At long last. But it’s not just “another” Wandering Wednesday. It’s quite possibly my most pivotal Wandering Wednesday adventure yet. First off, it’s a Wandering Wednesday featuring my current hometown of Fullerton, California. Guys, I LOVE this city. It’s amazing. I hope this video helps you […]

This Is Who I Am

Hey guys. I have a confession to make: It’s been a rough week. I’m not sure why, exactly; God’s been so good to me. I’ve been picking up considerably more hours at my new job (did I ever mention I got a new job??), and it’s honestly been fantastic. I love the atmosphere, I love the people. I love everything about this new job — rediscovering financial freedom included. And yet, I can’t help feeling I’m missing something. Isn’t life […]