Wandering Wednesday #18: Great Smoky Mountain Railroad

You guys. When on earth was the last time I wandered on a Wednesday with y’all? I can’t even tell you. (I mean, I could just look it up on YouTube — it’s right there — but that’d defeat the purpose of such a hyperbolic statement.) A lot has transpired since I last wandered on a Wednesday! Like my getting on Snapchat, because that’s where all the cool kids are hanging out. My username is thomasmarkz. Please add me and […]

(Non) Wandering Wednesday

I KNOW, I KNOW, I need to recap my return to the Exodus Conference from this past weekend. It’s coming, I promise. The conference was amazing, and I’m still unpacking so much from the experience. You can check back Monday for the first in a series of Exodus blog posts. In the meantime, I wanted to thank EVERYONE who read/responded to my last blog post, “Quarter-Life Confessions of a Gay Christian.” In just a week, it’s become my second most […]

To Bama and Back: A Wandering Wednesday by Mitchell Yaksh

The summer rolls on and I’m continually in awe of yall’s wandering stories. So awesome. Up today for my summer guest-series is probably my most faithful reader and commenter. He goes by Mitchell Yaksh, and I hope I’m not the only one who can’t pronounce his last name. Oh well, nobody can successfully pronounce mine either. You can follow Mitchell on Twitter @MLYaksh. Wanna guest-post on my blog before the summer ends? Check out this post and shoot me an […]

In His Hands: A Wandering Wednesday by Cheryl Chen

It’s once again time for Wandering Wednesday: GPE! I’m loving everyone’s guest-submissions this summer. Totally rocking my world. Up today is someone I recently met at Phil Wickham’s Singalong 2 live recording, Cheryl Chen. Cheryl is a fellow writer/blogger, and you can check out her blog here. You can also follow her on Twitter @Cheryl__Chen or email her at chen.cheryl.d@gmail.com. If you’d like to guest for me this summer, check out this post and shoot me an email! Take it […]

Steadiness in the Wandering: A Wandering Wednesday by Philippa Ball

It’s summertime, and the guest posts continue to roll in! Up today is a Wandering Wednesday from one of my faithful readers, Philippa Ball, as she tells a wonderful wandering tale all the way from the UK. You can follow her on Twitter @philamina11. And if you’d like to guest for me this summer, check out this post and shoot me an email! I can’t remember ever making the decision. I remember deliberating over it. I remember countless hours talking […]

Wandering to Macon: A Wandering Wednesday by Joseph Craven

Wandering Wednesday: Guest Post Edition surges forward with a submission by the one, the only, the one with the only greatest blog of all-time, the Joseph Craven. You can follow ole JC on Twitter @thejosephcraven, which is not to be confused with @ajosephcraven. His blog is The Greatest Blog of All Time, and I’m not just saying that. He is too. If you’d like to guest for me this summer, check out this post and shoot me an email! My […]

I Don’t Have All the Answers: A Wandering Wednesday by Rob Shepherd

It’s Wandering Wednesday with a summertime twist, as I’m getting to feature some awesome guest-posters during my hectic camp-filled summer. Here’s a great one from one of my absolute favorites, Rob Shepherd. Be sure to follow Rob on Twitter @robshep and check out his hilariously transparently pseudo-pastoral-ish blog at robshep.com. If you’d like to guest for me this summer, check out this post and shoot me an email! My life is like the following clip from the Office… As a […]

Not All Those Who Wander: A Wandering Wednesday by Adam Stück

It’s time for another rousing edition of Wandering Wednesday: Guest Post Edition. Up this week is Adam Stück of typewritermonkeytaskforce.com. I had to Google the u with the two dots over it in order to type his name properly, in case you were wondering. You can also follow Adam on Twitter @coffeeologian. Wanna guest for me this summer? Check out this post and shoot me an email! Adam with a ü, the wandering floor is yours.   The Lord of […]