When I Paid Seventeen Bucks for a Book with No Name

Would you ever buy a book without knowing the title, the author, or even the plot? I did. The independent bookstore downtown is a quirky little place. It’s where I take all my visitors for the tradition of taking their “YAY!” magnet pictures, and beyond books in genres like yoga-gardening and nude watercolors, you can also peruse an entire bookshelf of novels wrapped in plain brown paper with only themes from the contents within lining the cover. It’s like a blind […]

What If I Went to My Grave?

As somebody increasingly drawn to living an epic story, I often catch myself living in the fantastical “what if.” What if I lived in Seattle? What if I did another, longer version of my #RunningTo road trip? What if I owned a rustic VW bus? What if I backpacked around Europe or South America or New Zealand? Can I go to my grave never having turned all these ambitious what-ifs into reality? It’s a haunting question. I don’t want to leave anything on […]

Why I Park On Top of Parking Decks

When I was a kid, we went to the hospital a lot. My mom had some health issues, and on these hospital visits my dad would take me, my brother, and my sister to the top of the parking deck to run around and look out and otherwise pass the time. It’s not something you’d think would be magical — a parking deck — but for whatever reason, it was. And it still is. To this day, I enjoy the […]

WWBGD: What Would Bob Goff Do?

Bob Goff is one of my heroes. I first heard about Bob in a Donald Miller book, and then he wrote a book himself. After reading Love Does, I got the sense that Bob Goff does something epic and whimsical every single day. He rides an Indian elephant to work or makes a balloon elephant for a child or rides an Indian elephant with a child while making a balloon elephant for said child on the way to work. In recent years I’ve […]